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PG Films can cover all the bases for your project, from the initial concept to the first day of your production. From the get-go, our team of scriptwriters, cinematographers, designers, and producers work closely with you to determine not only the creative vision for your project but also the practical balance of techniques, budget, and timing. We strive to create a wholly satisfying experience, from big picture to small details. Location scouting, permits, talent, props, insurance, taxes incentives, and subsidies. We get out in front of everything before we ever get behind the camera. The better your pre-production, the better your production. 


Pickups from the airport, drop-offs at your accommodation, and various lodging arrangements. Private chauffeurs or buses for larger crews. We can also rent additional vans for cargo. PG Films understands the logistics of many scenarios of film and video production in Japan. We can arrange all kinds of accommodations to fit any budget from big production A teams to budget indies.


Know before you go. A successful location scout is an important part of any production team because this way the director can make an informed decision about whether or not a certain location is right for the film. Try to find a location for shooting in Japan through the internet can be tricky; some locations' images featured on the internet are completely manipulated, usually not considering the crowd at famous locations; some featured beachfront accommodations are actually far from the beach, in several locations the street power cables can ruin a beautiful view, and so on. Thinking about it, PG Films provides a very detailed location scouting before the shooting, ensuring your production will shoot exactly what the director has in mind whiteout any unpleasant surprises. We take care of all the permissions paperwork with the local government agency for shooting in public areas, and we can contact landowners or property owners to use private properties for filming. For studio shooting, we can provide a list of different options for your project and make a tech scouting in the studio before the shooting, ensuring the sooting space and the facilities meet all your production requirements. Whatever location you need for your project, PG Films provide a talented location scout to find an exceptional location to shoot those scenes.


PG Films has a considerable amount of equipment; Red camera 8K, Mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, Prime Lenses, LED Lights, Microphones, Drones, Water-housing for RED cameras and Mirrorless Cameras, and more.  Maybe you already have your camera and your gear all set but need a few more lenses and some specific equipment, or maybe you need to rent everything; we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s Arri, RED, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Alexa or Panasonic, Leica, Zeiss speed or compact zoom lenses, PG Films can get it for you. We are registered with the best short-term rentals all over Japan, this way PG Films can help you to get all the gear you need for your project.


Producing a film, a documentary, or an advertising campaign in Japan is less expensive than one might imagine, especially if we consider that it is a developed country with an excellent structure. As a result, Japan has a great cost-benefit ratio for the film industry. PG Films can also consult if your project is eligible to apply for government subsidies and tax relief programs for foreign productions.


We can run and gun, or we can create long, beautiful moments. We can shoot on location or on a green screen. We can cover events or create feature films and documentaries. PG Films can scale a production crew appropriate to the need of a nationwide (and global) team of proven partners. Our contributor directors, producers, cinematographers, camera operators, photographers, boom operators, sound recorders, drone operators, DIT, AD, AC, PA, make-up and hair artists, and gaffers count on experienced professionals and young new talent creative people on board. When cameras roll, we really shine.


Great communication and coordination involving different people, tasks, and locations, is a key element in a successful film or video production.  If you’ve already done your pre-production planning and have all your crew in place from Producers, DP, Director, and more, you may still need help coordinating everything with everyone. PG Films can help to coordinate your project, avoiding highly stressful situations due to poor communication between different film units and project teams. Coordinating between different team members from administrative, principal cast and crew, and non-principle workers to third-party suppliers. Our bilingual team can support international production teams in having smooth communication with local crew and provide guidance on cultural aspects that makes the workflow smoother for everyone. PG Films understands the importance of remaining professional and respectful while getting things done. 


PG Films has a collection of high-quality photos and videos that can be useful for foreign productions that want to work remotely or can be used to complement a local production and minimize shooting dates.  Our collection has images and footage from our partners in Japan and abroad. Feel free to contact us and consult about image files from our collection; if by chance we don't have the desired image, PG Films is always ready to create new images and deliver quality material to our customers.


Through our team, we can ensure consistent quality and continued enhancement across every part of the post-production process. Our aim is maximum cross-team efficiency for an optimized, all-in-one ad production system. We count on an expert editing team; for color grading, sound design, SFX supervision, music licensing, translation, and more. In addition, PG Films  Post-Production supervisors work with the entire post-production team, ensuring that our customers will have the final result delivered as desired.




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